Hunger Games Jackets

Jacket with liner

One of the more fun and attractive fan pieces from The Hunger Games are the Jackets. They basically come in two forms (one windbreaker shell and one with shell and liner). You have to know the difference between the two when you decide to order because there has been some confusion amongst online retailers about pricing. We’ll give you the lowdown on what the differences are between the two windbreakers and clue you into some important information about ordering and sizing.

Forewarned Is Forearmed: Reviews Are Mixed

Reviews have been mixed on the replica prop tribute windbreakers. While most have really liked the item itself for its authenticity to both the book and the movie, some common problems have cropped up. The good news is that most of the issues had less to do with the items themselves and more to do with marketing and sales execution – and as a result have been addressed by the sellers and marketers.

Having said that, before you even think about buying your prop / costume piece be advised that there has been a LOT of confusion about these very attractive hooded coats. Online retailers have made a NUMBER of mistakes in pricing and sizing these items, and while much of the confusion has been resolved be sure to carefully inspect your purchase on arrival. A lot of people have been upset to order the more expensive lined jacket only to receive the unlined one. When your purchase arrives – open it immediately and inspect the contents for both content and fit of your item – which leads me to my next section: sizing.

Sizing Issues Always a Bugaboo with Apparel

The Hunger Games apparel / merchandise is not immune to the woes of apparel buying: sizing issues are always a problem. Reviews indicate most people have been happy buying 1-2 sizes larger than their normal size when it comes to these specific jackets. In those cases where the fit was a little on the large size (in particular for the shell only) there was a hidden benefit of being able to add in a liner or sweatshirt underneath not only for additional warmth but also as a way to customize your costume look and complete the outfit.

The recommendation here is to err on the side of buying either piece a little on the large size and (as above) carefully inspecting it for correctness of fit and type (jacket with liner or jacket only) immediately on arrival. That will allow for time to get any issues resolved before wearing it.

A Look at Each Replica Jacket from The Hunger Games

Have a look at each of the pieces below. Note the jacket with the liner is a little bulkier and arguably more suited for colder climates. I wouldn’t imagine as great a need for the complete costume piece in warmer, southern regions of the U.S. Both pieces come with a nylon outer shell with the difference between them being the warm inner liner on the more expensive model. One Note: given the use of the nylon material be prepared to frebreeze your jacket from time to time. Just sayin’ – such is the nature of nylon jackets – Hunger Games replicas or otherwise.

Jacket with Shell Only
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Jacket with Liner
Jacket with liner

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